How to Behave At an Interview

Always start an interview for a job or even for college admission with a smile. Try to use phrases like “It is a pleasure to meet you”, but don’t be humble and don’t praise the interviewer too much. It is nice to say something like “I admire your work” and even to give a few specifics, but you will embarrass yourself if you start to praise all the accomplishments of the person in front of you.

Read the interviewer. You can be sure that he or she has more experience than you do, but this does not mean that you can’t read a few signs. If the interviewer s formal, you will have to be the same. If the interviewer is less formal, and he starts to make jokes and to create a relaxed atmosphere, try to act the same. Relaxation is required for a formal interview also, but this does not mean that you can put your legs on the desk and to light up a cigarette.

Good manners say that you should wait to be asked to sit down, or to ask permission to do so. Some interviewers just forget about this, but you should not take it as if they don’t like you. If the chair is situated far from the desk of the interviewer, try to get it closer without making any noise. This proves that you are interested, but make sure not to invade the personal space, or to stay in an angle from which you can see the monitor of the respective person.

Take care of your posture. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, put it on your knees. This is a sign of education. Don’t stay with your arms crossed at your chest, as this creates an invisible barrier in the way of communication. Even the most experienced interviewers are people, so they know that you are excited. However, too much excitement would be annoying.

How to Choose a College

The students that choose a certain college for the future would have to be aware of their reasons to choose the respective college, and if they are really passionate about the respective area. It is important to think about the career that they want to follow. Without considering those essential aspects, the students would probably be disappointed after graduating. It is necessary to reflect to your own person, on the hobbies that you have and on the qualities that would help you to achieve your dreams.

Once they are in college, just attending classes is not enough, but also implication in projects and building a solid foundation for a career.

All the students are stopped by the same obstacle when it comes to hiring on a certain job, and this is the experience required by the employer, which might vary from one to four years. How is it possible for students to have a successful career since college?

Implication in projects

As a student, you will have to be curious and to find new methods to enlarge your horizons. This is why it is important to be informed about projects and optional activities, contests and researches.


Some students are not comfortable with working in a company without being paid, but it is a necessary sacrifice for experience and to create a general idea about the domain of activity. Some students might even have chances to be hired by the respective company, as it only depends on the interest of the student for the projects of the respective company.

Developing own projects

Developing projects could be considered a serious game. It is important for students to exercise individually, to highlight the interest for a certain domain. A personal portfolio, own initiatives for activities and even accomplished projects are a serious base for a career.

How to Prepare For a Medical College

The medical colleges are attended by people that are attracted by the idea of helping and working with people, or for those that are cold blooded enough to perform a surgical intervention. Being a doctor means to have a good memory to study hundreds of pages for a single exam, and to know chemistry and anatomy. If you are admitted into a medical college, here is what you must expect.

Save money

Even since college, students would have to spend some money. Manuals, medical kits might be provided free by the college where you study, but you will always need more than it can be given to you by your professors. The books might cost 500$ in a single semester, and some students are not prepared for those expenses.

Change your habits

When you are a student at a medical college, you will have to renounce hobbies, long nights out and periods when you don’t sleep well. If you want to study correctly and you want to focus on medicine, it is necessary to establish your priorities. The nights when you sleep 10 hours will only be a nice memory, as courses and time necessary for studies would reduce your sleeping time significantly.

Prepare to see blood

If you are a cold-blooded person, you won’t have problems, but if you are not used with dead bodies, dissections and organs on a surgery table, you will have to get used with the idea. Whether you like it or not, those would be frequent while you are a student at a medical college, as well as the jokes from colleagues when you feel sick from seeing an amputated leg.

Find a quiet place

If you stay in the campus, find a quiet room with understanding colleagues where you don’t have to stay up late and night because of music. A quiet environment is mandatory for any person that wants to assimilate difficult notions.

How to Prepare For Admission at College

You are preoccupied about college, about your future, so you will have to be informed. When you prepare for college admission, there are some aspects that must be considered, and many questions that are not easy to answer. Usually, the official information about admission at college can be found on the websites of the respective colleges.

Practically, you prepare for college admission since the first year of high school. You will have to get good grades, and if you need to be admitted in a college where education is founded by the state, you will need to be implied in voluntary activities, and to show the respective college that it is worth it to invest money in you.

If you need to take an exam to be admitted at college, you will have to know how this exam takes place.

When the candidates enter the exam room, the personnel would identify the candidates with their ID’s, so be sure not to forget it at home. The documents would remain on your table for the entire duration of the exam. It is forbidden to use any kind of equipments, devices, phones or other electronic devices.

Once the results are displayed and you are admitted, you will have to bring more documents to the respective college. The high-school graduation diploma is mandatory, and you will have to bring it before an established date.

You can also benefit of accommodation, if you live in another city and you have the right to stay there. This means to be implied in projects, and to have good grades. Be aware that the accommodation places offered by colleges are limited, and you will need to be better than others to claim such a place.

Join a fraternity. Sometimes, you will have to get over some rough exams to be admitted, but being a part of a fraternity is a plus for your college social life.

How to Prepare For College Admission

How do you need to dress? What do you need to say? What attitude is required to convince the person in front of you that you are really interested about the courses of the respective college, without being humble?

Before the interview

Ask other colleagues or on specialized forums about the interview for admission. Check the background of people that would take the interview. See if the respective conversation would be formal or informal, and this way, you will be more prepared.

Read about the respective university and about their values and goals. It is important to prove that you are suited for the respective university.

It is important to know what you have wrote in your cover letters and recommendations, and especially what you have wrote in the resume. You will probably receive questions from those documents.

If you had certain certifications, prepare those also and be ready for a detailed discussion about those.

Read the latest news from the magazines from your domain of expertise, to be in touch with what happens. Otherwise, you risk not being able to talk about anything.

Train for the interview with one of your family members, or with a friend, so you could enter the atmosphere a lot easier. See if you can find students that passed those interviews during the latest years. You can learn many things from their experience.

Prepare a few subjects and questions that you need to approach. Check if the respective details are not stated on the website of the university or on flyers that you can find around, as this would be an embarrassing situation showing that you are not prepared.

Form a few answers for the questions that would be asked for you. Sure, the questions would probably not come in the form that you expect, but you will have some good answers ready for the common questions.

Important Activities during College

Just because you have good grades and you pass your exams easily does not mean that you will get a job as soon as you finish college. The competition on the labor market today is huge, especially in certain areas, and this is why it is important for students to be implied in other activities.

Voluntary activities

Unlike practice stages and internships, voluntary work shows initiative and the wish to be involved. The voluntary activities must not necessarily be connected with the domain studied at college, but more with the hobbies and passions of the student. Being implied in such activities would bring personal and professional satisfactions.

Student associations

Those are an alternative to spend free time. If students are a part of an organization, they are actually a part of a team, where they need to prove dynamism and imagination, but this does not mean that having fun is out of the question. From here, some advantages could appear, as students can develop their own capacity to work in a team and to develop organizational aptitudes, which are necessary for a successful career.

Accessing personal development websites

It is important to study and to understand the area or industry where you want to work in the future. By following the websites and blogs where the most important persons from the respective area state their ideas, you will be able to join the communities that you are interested about, and you can even interact with students having the same area of interest.

Here, you can find courses that are not available in colleges, and you can create some relationships that would be useful for the future. Who knows? Somebody might like your ideas, so you could be hired even before finishing college on a job that you really like.

Things to Avoid At an Interview

Maintain eye contact all the time. Avoid fixing your eyes in a certain point, but don’t look insistently at all the things in the office. This gives the impression that you lie or that you can’t be trusted.

Don’t eat, drink or chew gum. In fact, chewing gum is the most common mistake. The candidates chew a gum before the interview as they want their mouth to smell nice, but they forget to throw it away before entering the interview, and this could affect your chances of being hired. In case you are asked if you want a coffee or a glass of water, don’t refuse, but don’t make the glass or cup your main priority. Drinking once every 20 seconds shows that you are nervous.

If you are invited to a lunch for the interview, make sure to respect all the manners required in this case. Don’t order smelly foods that contain onions, garlic or other smelly spices. Don’t order alcohol, even if the interviewer does the same. If the interviewer asked you to come to the lunch, it is normal for him to pay it, but you could offer to pay if you have the money, without insisting too much.

It is good to ask questions, as this would improve the quality of your answers. Try to keep the general questions for the end of the interview. Ask about the job description, about what you would need to do, about the management methods used in the respective company. It is not a good idea to ask about lunch and vacations even from the first interview. Those must be discussed during the future meetings, when you would probably talk about the salary also.

Don’t be the one that brings the financial aspect into discussion, but be prepared in case this happens. Even if you say that you are interested about opportunities more, the interviewers know that the salary is important for you.

What College You Need To Graduate for a Good Job

The students today consider that colleges for human sciences don’t give so many opportunities in life, but this is not entirely true. The majority of students want to graduate economic or technical colleges, as those are a great launching pad for successful and moneymaking careers.

Once the students finish college, the ones that have solid hiring opportunities are the ones that absolve economical colleges, especially in accountancy and banks, but the ones that finish IT colleges are also well seen.

18% of students that finished an economic college say that they are prepared for a job, a similar percentage with the absolvers of law colleges.

The management colleges are also well seen. In the inferior side of the chart, we can find the socio-human colleges, where only 4% of the absolvers say that they have a real chance to succeed.

The opinion of students about their own college is made by the support and quality of education, and this differs considering the specialization. The students that graduated economic colleges are able to estimate their chances to succeed with accuracy.

50% of students consider that the education that they receive in college is not that great, especially when it comes to the responsibilities that they would have within a company.

How well prepared are the absolvers for a job? For the ones that absolved finance, economy or banking colleges, 25% of students say that they are ready, but this is a small percentage compared with the same percentage a few years ago. This means that the quality of education was affected during the latest years, and this situation has to change soon. Of course, the students have their responsibilities also, but this change can’t begin unless the professors and college personnel are able to implement changes and to adapt the teaching style to the modern working environment.

What to Do In the Day of the Interview

Get a good night rest before the interview. It is hard, especially if the interview is important for you and you are excited, but you should look as rested as possible. Make sure that you have a phone number from the college, in case you have some problems and you can’t get to the interview. Usually, you will get a second chance, but you will probably not get the third one.

Arrive with 15 minutes before the interview, so you could enter the atmosphere. Check the surrounding areas, the students that learn there, and talk with them for a few minutes before actually taking the interview. Dress elegantly but comfortable at the same time. You can even talk with a few students to check the atmosphere and to see if it is suited for you. Try to choose the right close, so you would not look like a business executive, because it is a little too much for a high school graduate, but this does not mean that you can take your club t-shirt and short pants.

Close the phone before the interview! Sure, you can put it in mute mode, but make sure that it does not vibrate, as this might be annoying for some teachers anyway. Even if you are excited, you will have to stay calm. Try to have a relaxed approach, to smile and to keep an eye contact all the time. Show that you are excited about what would happen at the respective university, and don’t show that you are indifferent. Don’t hurry to answer right away, but don’t be late with your answer also. Think about the answers, but don’t show that you have difficulties in finding those.

If you don’t understand something, it is better to ask instead of giving a bad answer. Offer complete answers and don’t be shy. The teacher would want to find out more things about you, so you will have to put your qualities into value.

Which is The College That You Want to Follow? Are You Prepared?

Some high school graduates don’t know what college to choose until the latest admission days. Some teenagers don’t have high expectations when they think about college, because of the limited opportunities after graduating. However, it is clear that a college would increase the chances of being hired, and this is why the majority of people attending high schools would also think about college.

High school graduates want to follow a college that allows them to achieve their dreams, to have a career, and also to gain satisfactory material advantages. Usually, the financial aspect is left on a secondary plan, as teenagers are focused on dreams, but later, if they make the wrong choice, they would discover that the satisfaction of doing what they like is shadowed by lack of money. This is why the choice is important, and if the high school graduates are not decided, it is the job of their parents to show them the right path.

What expectations do you have from the college that you want to follow?

You will have to find a college with a generous offer of courses and activities. As said before, you might want to make some changes to the initial plan, and this is why it is required to have options. Some would want to follow the courses of colleges situated in other cities, which means that they need to think about accommodation and even about a job. The conditions of admission are different from one college to another, and the same goes for the accommodation offers of different colleges.

The interview and admission exam is not mandatory in some cases, as there are colleges that make invitations to high school graduates based on their performances at school. Even in this case, the candidates have to prove that they are suited for the respective college.